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The Water ring vacuum pump and compressor is one of equipments which are used to suck and compress air. Comparing with the other low vacuum plants the water ring vacuum pumps and compressors have the following strongpoints:
 1) The air sucked is allowed too contain a greal deal of steam and a few solid grains;
 2) During the operation, the gas is compressed at the eaual temprature, so the water ring vacuum pumps and compressors can be used to suck and copress combustible, explosire and poisonous gases;
 3) According to the user’s requests, we can select the padding sealing or the mechanical sealing. The following contents are served according to the user’s request.
 (1) The vapor and water separator
 (2) Condenser
 (3) Electricity controlling system
 (4) The corrosion resistance plants will be served according to the user’s requests.

1. The specifications are obtained under the following condition:
 ① Water temperature 15℃
 ② Air temperature 20℃
 ③ Relative humidity 70%
 ④ Atmosphere pressure 0.1013MPa


Working principle
 The impeller is assembled eccentrically inside the casing. When the impeller revolves as the indicated direction in above figure, the liquid is thrown outwards under centrifugal force to form a liquid ring rotating concentrically with the casing. As a result. a crescent pocket area is developed between hub and the inner suface of the liquid ring. As rotation proceeds from point ""A"" to poing ""B"", the pockets area between adjacent vanes becomes progressively larger. i. e vacuum is set up and gas is drawn in via the suction port. And as ratation proceeds from point ""C"" to point ""A"", the pocket becomes smaller and smaller, the gas is compressed to be as much as outside pressure, then it is finally ejected out through discharge port.
 2BEA Use and Feature:
 2BEA serises water ring vacuum pumps and compressors. It is usually used to aspirate gases that don’t contain solid particle, nondissolves in water. no corrosivenessin order to form vacuum and pressure in closed container. Through changed stnucture material, it is too used to aspirate corroisive gases or act corrosive liquid as the working liquid. It is widely used in paper making, chemical industry, petrification, light in dustry, pharmacy, foods, metalhlrgy, building, electrical equipment, coalcleaning, mmeral concentration, fertilizer, etc.
 This series pumps are used singlestage and singlefunction structure with simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable running, high efficiency and energy savings and could suit to serious operating mode such as a big water discharge load impact change, etc.
 2BEA series feature: Welding impellers are used, blade are machining by primary punch mouldwith rational moulded lines. All hub are machined, so solvedfundamentally the issue of dynamic balance. Impeller and pump shaft are machined by head as semble interface fit with reliable performance, stable running. hnpeller are heat treated after welded, the blade have excellent tenacity to be assured impactresistance and bending resistance to suit to seriousoperating mode of load impact change.
 2BEA series pump with gas and water separator, many places set up aspirating and exhausting holes, pump cover set up exhausting valves, check and repair wihdow. The gap between ilnpeller and distributing plate are adjusted by gland of two ends of locating bearing. Installation and use are convenient, operations are simple, the maintenances are convenient.
 Our vacuum pumps are strictly inspected and tested by inspection center, it’s performance is superior, reliable and durable.



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